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Focus on Dalian Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for foreign and local communities in Dalian City. Our main goal is to bring the two communities together and make Dalian city a happy home for everyone. In addition to magazine production, we hold activities and get-togethers for our readers.

The way we keep our people informed - we send monthly Newsletter with the list of activities, specials, new openings and .etc. We also love to hear back from you. Please fill out our Survey to help us to get better.

Focus on Dalian strives to produce a world class magazine that is anticipated, read and enjoyed each month by every person in Dalian and beyond, whether their ability in English is novice, moderate or expert, and together with our website and events galvanize the entire community together with a ‘people first’ ideal. We will treat our customers like friends, our employees like family, and the Dalian community like our home, working together to make this the best and most exciting city in China to live, now and into the future.

Five years from now, Focus on Dalian will become China’s most successful bilingual multi-media company by providing useful, relevant and meaningful lifestyle articles together with information and advice that impacts anyone living and working in China. By providing an important business development vehicle that will be able to reach more than 100,000 expatriates and nationals all across China, Focus on Dalian will also be able to improve the quality of each of it’s business partners, whether they are new to China or have a long standing tradition of proven success.

In mid-2007, Oriental Vision created a partnership with Jim Rothstein, the initiator of DaliansXpat.com, and AMMAT Dalian, to publish the first issue of the magazine, called “Focus Dalian,” for the 2007 Davos meeting. That publication, humble though it was, stirred up a great deal of interest. Foreign writers living in Dalian suddenly had a forum for expression. Businesses suddenly had a print vehicle to reach an English-speaking audience. And the community suddenly had a platform for informational and cultural exchanges.

In the Spring of 2010, the magazine went through a major reorganization and redesign. With new staff on board and a new look and feel, Focus on Dalian was re-born. With a significant increase in the Chinese content, Focus on Dalian expanded its capacity to reach the residents of the city, and to create a place for local and foreign residents come together. We’re working to make this the best and most exciting city in China to live, now and into the future.

Though the staff has changed through the years, and the organization has grown from a volunteer core of dedicated community members to a professional organization that seeks to continually improve the quality of our publication. But we’re still sustained by a great core of community members, both paid and volunteer. Back in its beginnings, the magazine was “for the community, by the community.” We still hold that ideal in making sure that we keep the focus on Dalian and its residents.

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