December 19, 2011

D-LOV - Dalian League of Volunteers


D-LOV, the Dalian League of Volunteers, is a volunteer organization born from the merger of already existing initiatives of different individuals and groups that devoted their time to lending a helping hand to the community they live in by actively supporting the City’s charitable projects.

D-LOV will function under the direction and support of the Dalian Women's Federation, and in direct cooperation with the foreign and national associations and chambers of commerce that have an interest in Dalian, as well as with individuals that express genuine interest in supporting community-building efforts.

Working together with the local government, businesses, associations, and caring individuals, we aim to provide resources, human and monetary, to work on sustainable programs that will foster education, health & environment consciousness, and overall community-wellbeing programs that can aid Dalian grow stronger and healthier.

D-LOV has no commercial, political or religious associations and relies exclusively on volunteers and donations to support the charitable projects identified by the Dalian Women’s Federation.


D-LOV supports diverse projects that focus mainly on women’s & children’s wellbeing. However, we also participate in other projects that support overall community building.


D-LOV supports diverse projects that require different skills.

Please email us at to get a list of our recent projects and to tell us about your skills and time availability. That will help us channel you to the right project.

You can visit to check out the type of projects and community events we have worked on.

December 19, 2011

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