August 30, 2012

A look at how other countries celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival around Asia

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also the Moon cake Festival, is just around the corner. People from China, and other East Asian areas, including Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand, all have this traditional celebration. There is not much difference related to the general tradition, like admiring the moon and enjoying the moon cakes (dumplings in Japan, sponge cake in Korea), also to show love and gratitude, most give presents to each other, for which this festival has another name in Korea: the Thanksgiving Day, on the ground of appreciating giving rather than receiving. Besides Korea, Malaysia the typical custom of lighting lanterns has become an indispensible part of the festival. A grand parade of lanterns and an intense competition of hand-made patterned lanterns are held annually. However, with regret, this custom scarcely survives in main land China today. As for Thailand, the majority join in worship of the moon on that day, it be man or woman, young or old.

Dating back to the Qing Dynasty, 500 years ago, the moon cake then was a little funny, with a diameter of over 1.2 meters and with each family member barely being able to take a bite they all had to eat the mega moon cake! This was called “having the cake of reunion”, implying a pursuit for peace and cohesion in the community. Till today, in spite of various culture reforms in different places, the reunion of family or friends is still regarded as the essence residing in the Mid-Autumn festival. Similarly, the emphasis of love and harmonious relationships is shared by all, which cannot be simply ignored.

August 30, 2012

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