August 9, 2011

There are lots of ways to get involved at Focus on Dalian. Whether you’re an experienced writer, photographer or a novice, we have opportunities for you! We also have volunteer opportunities for those who’d like to get involved in Focus Events and Promotions

Submission Guidelines:

Letters from our readers: Include your e-mail address and daytime phone number. Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and may be published in any medium. All letters become the property of Focus on Dalian. Send your thoughts to

Permissions and back issues: Include cover dates, page numbers, names of authors and artists, and any other relevant information.

Submissions and queries:

• We are looking for writers who are conscientious and fact check their work.

• Our articles are short (about 1,500 words for a feature and 750 for a column) so pick your main theme and develop it well. Know the main point you want the reader to take away and present it clearly.

• Talk to three local sources considered authorities on the topic at hand.

• Perform all the legwork for the reader and list local resources, answering the obvious questions: Where? When? How much? Whom can I call? What’s the number? What’s the Chinese address?

• Our magazine serves readers throughout Dalian, so be sure to talk to authorities and include resources in other areas (downtown, DDA, JinShiTan, etc.)

• Where appropriate, use local, real-life situations and people to illustrate your topic.

• We generally do not run first person or personal essays unless they are unusually compelling.

• We are also particularly in the market for local travel stories, “local” being everywhere in Liaoning. While features on other locations are a possibility, we try to stay as local as possible.  

Articles are due on the 15th of the month, two months before the publication issue (so articles for the July issue are due on May 15, for example). Please submit your article with a creative title/headline suggestion and 1-2 sentence tagline to run at the end. Articles may be submitted as a Word attachment and/or embedded in an e-mail. We will consider unsolicited articles, but we have very limited space. We encourage writers, especially local ones, who feel strongly that they have a story for Focus on Dalian to send a query/outline.

Even if you have an idea for a story or event, send it our way, and let us know how involved you want to be. Our community makes this city great, and you can contribute to your community by sharing your talents and interests with Focus on Dalian.

August 9, 2011

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