August 30, 2011

September-October Issue Cover

Focus on Dalian September&October Issue is out now!

We bring you a Davos Special edition with an in-depth look at the Dalian High Tech Zone, the issues surrounding the World Economic Forum’s Sumer Davos meeting and an insider perspective on High Tech Accelerator programs. We also report from Dalian’s Flower market, present world-leading heart surgery performed in a Dalian hospital, take you on a touristic journey to Jinzhou and unravel what China Netizen’s day is all about. Our new Fashion editor takes you through the styles and colors of the fall and winter trends and introduces the ‘heavenly’ collection of a local fashion designer.

We list the main events for the next two months and have a new section with regular cultural activities in Dalian. Plus much more. Stay in Focus with Focus on Dalian.

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August 30, 2011

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