by Chanda M. Nguluta

September 6, 2011

Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World is an underwater amusement park that has a wide range of aquatic animals, both land and water. The park has three main buildings, for underwater ocean animals, polar animals and the world of corals. Together they attract a large number of people, especially families. The buildings can be distinguished by the animals that they accommodate.

The first building has mainly underwater marine animals that are presented in different fascinating sections. The first event and section of the building that we attended was The Love of Dolphin Bay theatre that hosted an amazing show. The story line included clowns, pirates, and an exotic mermaid, dolphins and a beluga whale that the children ardently enjoyed. The beluga whale with its incredible size and gentleness together with the host performed incredible tricks and stunts that thoroughly entertained the audience. The Dolphins on the other hand, were fast and high spirited creatures that could play with hoops, spin, do diving stunts, synchronous performances. The White Whale could also give kisses. The dolphin show ended with acrobatics that were performed by a lady on a hoop suspended in the air, which was incredible in itself. The building has another section that has a long transparent underground aquarium tunnel with an automatic footpath. The tunnel has all kinds of fabulous marine animals like the red drum fish, the golden kingfish, the leopard shark, Lutjanus sebae, nurse shark, flying fish, tortoises and many more interesting marine animals that total to about 200 fish from around the world, as one mother said, “the aquarium is like another world that is mesmerizing and captivating with so many fish to ogle at.”

Other sections of the building include the UFO section with black light that illuminates the area and the clothes worn by people which makes it all the more interesting and unusual. The submarine section has a techno look and creates an adventurous setting. In restaurants with delicious sea food, snacks, assorted food and beverages are sold. There are also gift stores with stuffed animals for children, beautiful pearls for the ladies and many other items.

The second building, that mostly includes polar animals, welcomes its visitors with The Seals Bay. At its entrance visitors can take pictures and feed them. The children in particular said that they “loved being close to and feeding the seals.” The second building also has a

theatre that has a sea lion and walrus performance that entertained and interactively participated with the audience. The sea lion had its own unique performance such as balancing a ball while it swam and dancing to Spanish music. The walrus on the other hand actively captured the audiences’ attention by playing an instrument, singing and doing abdominal crunches which was hilarious. What surprised us most was that the KungFu walrus can also dance to a Michael Jackson tune - the famous Moonwalk dance. At the end of the performance the children and the parents were able to take some pictures with and pet the walrus.

by Chanda M. Nguluta

September 6, 2011

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