This page has been created specifically to answer many of your Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to ask any questions that are not already listed and we will do our best to answer them accordingly. We also encourage the community to comment on our answers and supply their own responses. Thank you! (Please send your questions or comments to info@focusondalian.com)

Q: Where can I pick up a copy of the latest issue of the Focus on Dalian magazine?

A: We distribute the Focus on Dalian magazine to many hotels, office buildings, eductional institutions, restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the city of Dalian. We suggest going to one of our current advertisers, such as Olive Garden Italian restaurant, Sweet Sandwich and/or Luzern restaurant & more, to be sure to find a copy of the latest issue. If you are working in the Software Park/Hi-tech Zone area then the Starbucks in Shuma Square and Wanda Square should also have a copy as we deliver at least ten magazines to these locations each time. Many other restaurants and cafes receive our magazine, however in fewer volume and often run out of the magazines fairly quickly. If you live in the DDA then your best option is the Kerren Hotel, Inn Fine Hotel, Cafe Vienna or Tribes restaurant. Another more practical option is to read our e-zines online at www.issuu.com/focus-on-dalian

Q: What upcoming events are happening in Dalian?

A: Many of the popular club/bar events will be posted on this website (if we know about them) and for even more events, concerts, special activities and articles please follow us on WeChat (click here).

Q: How can I get involved with Focus on Dalian and become a contributor?

A: We appreciate the support that all of our contributors offer us, and if you'd like to take part too then please (click here).

Q: I'm new here. Where can I meet more expats and/or local people?

A: First off, welcome to Dalian! If you're completely new to China then we suggest that you just get out and explore! The more places you go, the better your chances of meeting new friends. We have a 'Dalian Directory' of various establishments & locations that you can search from our Homepage. You can also join a club for expats (e.g. ICD) or take part in one of the events/activities organized especially for foreigners (see Q&A above). Happy Hunting! ;-P