Hengshan Temple

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Where is this place? How do you get there?

Marty Avery 305 days ago

Re: Location (Hengshan Temple)

Add:1 Xiangtan Rd., Longwang Tang St., Hi-tech Zone, Dalian 大连市高新园区龙王塘街道祥坛路1号

You can take a bus/taxi to Heishijiao 黑石礁 and find the shuttle bus that goes directly there. It might be tricky to find, but make sure to take the bus that goes to Dashi Dongcun 大石洞村 Hengshan Temple 横山寺). Otherwise you can take a taxi there which will cost about 100rmb depending on where you set off from and the bus back.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Focus Web Team

Focus on Dalian Online 303 days ago