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   The Magazine / June-July issue

Hidden Treasure of Dalian
Sometimes Dalian feels less like a city and more like a magician's hat. While it appears quite unsuspecting on the surface, it is simply extraordinary what you can find hidden in its depths. That is what makes life here so exciting. Cultural gems are not presented to you on a silver platter "that would be far too decadent". No, often you have to search for them. You have to...

Interview with Don Iwatani, Panasonic
"...brand is a very important advertising point. Its important that the brand gives you the feeling of dependability, comfort, enjoyment, and sometimes pride of the brand itself. So as a good marketing principle, why not give strong brand value to the customer? I think that in the future, China, should invest money to create brand equity and give the customer quality...

Culinary Delights at Mercure
Text from the article

The Hight of Luxury Living
The newly constructed Golden Beach Villas are set to rival "any luxury homes in Cannes, Palm Beach, or the beach communities of Los Angeles." Designed with the help of top international landscape artists and designers, the villas provide their owner with a taste of the Spanish/Mediterranean in a scenic and convenient area of Dalian with a golf course just 10 minutes away.

Summer City Snapshot
Find out what’s going on in Dalian this summer, and meet some interesting people to look out for…. Echo Bookshop and Café is one of the coziest retreats in Dalian, perfect for booklovers or those seeking a good cup of tea or coffee. Get the lowdown on upcoming events from Wang Lei, the patron of the arts. Paul is a Mandeng percussionist who has been living in China for the last 5 years; his interview reveals more about the art of Mandeng percussion and his interesting life in China. Meet Frederick, a talented musician who can sing in Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Chinese! Find out about his music career and what he thinks of the music scene in Dalian. Marina has run the Inshallah Dance Studio and School at Xing Hai square since 2008, offering courses in belly dancing, yoga and aerobics. Learn more about her passion for dance in this short interview.

A Shenyang Trip
Tisha and Annabelle explore Shenyang and the surrounding areas, enjoying sights such as Mukden Palace and Benxi Water Cave National Park .Their trip involves a mixture of sightseeing and shopping. With good hints and tips for those planning a visit.

Xun'an Riders Club
Xun‘an Riders Club provides a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city. The club provides a 70 by 70 meter track for members ranging from beginner to advanced level. The horses are all pure-bred and the club offers professional service for those wanting to learn, or just come along for a fun day out. Read on to find out more about this great club in Dalian!