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   The Magazine / August-September issue

“Wherever you are, you bring yourself”
It is not often you meet a successful businessman who still finds time to enjoy a variety of frivolous hobbies - ping pong, motor biking and ‘foosy’ (table soccer) to name but a few - but Robert Ploeger is a man that lives life to the fullest in Dalian, as I found out when I met him for the first time a few weeks ago.

Where to find best martini in Dalian
There is much discrepancy regarding the history of the martini, from who invented it, where it was first made, what year the first one was made, even to what ingredients were used. If you look up a recipe for a classic martini it will read: Gin, vermouth in a four to one ratio and garnished with an olive.

Shopping with Jennifer
“Welcome to my world, come on in, the veggies are fresh!” says Jennifer, owner of The Riviera restaurant located next door to Shangri La Hotel, upon arrival at one of the biggest outdoor morning markets in Dalian. Nearly every morning between 6 and 7am you can find her here, chatting and tasting as she strolls from one vendor to the next...

Raising Digital Kids
Imagine your child feverishly typing at the family computer, clicking and dragging with abandon, chatting with classmates online all the while. It is eleven thirty at night. She is sneaking computer time. Now imagine that she’s working on a group homework assignment to create a quick website (called a “wiki”) on Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions.

CISIS 2010
Those who follow technology trends know that Dalian is China's rising star in the Information Technology (IT) area. This is Mainly because of Dalian's infrastructure standards (which are intentionally-approved and top-class) and its impressive communications bandwidth.

Lake International Show at Furama. A look on the inside of this spectacular show with stunning photographs, and an interview with the school’s director.

Wives across Dalian have had quiet Saturdays recently, as the RBNSADGS golf club (Royal But Not So Ancient Dalian Golf Society, AKA “The Royals”) held several events in June and July. In late June we played West Park, a regular favorite of the royals. With the heavy play in these summer months, the greens tend to see more action than Silvio Berlusconi on tour in Bangkok.

Good bye to Rita and Praveen Jolly
As it usually happens with expats, the time to say goodbye and return home comes at some point. This time, two of Dalian's most regarded expat residents will return home: Rita and Praveen Jolly. This wonderful couple shared with us their enormous sense of community, with a wonderful combination of high ethics, true friendship, and respect for everything and everyone

Superstitions about numbers.
The Chinese have reached out to grab items of Western culture—mobile phones, pizza and coffee to name a few. But in their other hand the Chinese have not loosened the grip on their own unique culture, including a host of superstitions and taboos. Chinese are among THE most superstitious folks in the world, although many won’t readily admit it.