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   The Magazine / August-September / Good Bye Rita and Praveen
The ICD Says Goodbye to One of it’s Founders
The international community in Dalian will miss two of its pillars: The Jolly's

As it usually happens with expats, the time to say goodbye and return home comes at some point. This time, two of Dalian's most regarded expat residents will return home: Rita and Praveen Jolly. This wonderful couple shared with us their enormous sense of community, with a wonderful combination of high ethics, true friendship, and respect for everything and everyone around them. For the International Club of Dalian, their support was instrumental in building the Club. Rita in her role as the ICD's first Secretary, was more than just one of the founding members, she put her heart into building a solid group.

Rita and Praveen, you will be missed!

"Rita has opened up her house as a regular gathering place for expats, and has made extra efforts to make all newcomers feel welcome. For these as well, she'll truly be missed."
- Nani Sarosa

"Rita is the reason ICD made it from a concept to an organization. Thanks, Rita, for making ICD what it is today. If you had not been here to guide, drive, and organize the group we wouldn't have lasted more than a week."
- Mike Threat, Dalian Universal Human Resources

“The first time I met Rita was in 2007 at the launch event of the ICD and was immediately struck by her passion for forming a club that would go onto being such an important institution in Dalian. Rita’s unselfish personality and sense of humor impacted and inspired many of us. As the Chairman of the ICD I will encourage all of our club officers to follow in Rita’s foot steps and remain focused on her vision to help our community with charity and wide open hearts. Rita always reminded us that as expats we were in a privileged situation to make a difference in Dalian; she is right and we were privileged to have her in the ICD too.”
- Martin Toomey

“I would describe Rita as the “mum” of the ICD club. Just as a mum is the centre of the family, to me Rita was and is the centre or the rock of the club. And just like a mother she is always very kind and caring and seems to always have time for others. Rita is a very giving person and there are not so many people like that in the world. I hope the ICD club can continue in Rita’s footsteps and with her values and legacy. I wish Rita and Praveen the best of success for the future.”
- Geoff Ryan, General Manager, Intercontinental Hotel

“Two days after our arrival in Dalian, Rita was the first expat lady we were introduced to and she welcomed us with such a big, warm and open heart; it was an unforgettable moment. Rita for us is very special. She is reliable and down to earth, and words such as envy and jealousy don’t exist in her dictionary. Rita, I love your optimism and admire you always seeing the bright side of all sorts of things. I’ll always remember some afternoons sharing your life, problems, highlights, tears and laughs with me. Thank you!”
- Irina Boers, Mercure Dalian Hotel Resident

“Rita and Praveen, you are a true inspiration, as a family, as professionals, as individuals. You will stay in our hearts forever.”
- Sonia Tellez, Managing Director, Matchcode Inc.

“I have known Rita for 3 years and have been amazed by her kindness and her commitment day after day. As the secretary of ICD, I think everybody would agree to say that she was essential for the ICD. She never counted her time, energy or money to help the club grow. Her contribution to the expat community in Dalian was extremely valuable. I am sad to see Rita leaving, as she is a very good person. Thank you for all you did Rita.”
- Frederic Choux, Owner, DCT Wines

“When I arrived in Dalian - Rita greeting me at the ICD meeting and really made me feel welcome to the city of Dalian, since meeting, Rita has provided kind advice and assistance. The success of ICD to date - is in part a reflection of her hard work and friendly personality.”
- Mark Andrews, General Manager, Gates Corporation, China

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