Aaron Christian "AB" Bartholomew
An American musician, who has lived in the Republic of Cuba, and now the People's Republic of China, he’s an artist and part-time English teacher with a background in political science and the arts, “AB” works with the Aston Workshop making songs, DVDs and books for various projects, as well as teaching, writing, and playing in the band 'Fooled'.
Bas Overtoom
A Dutch Business consultant, the current Chief Representative at the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) here in Dalian. His background is in media and international economics and management training. Bas is interested in international entrepreneurship, globalization, cross-culture and innovation. He is an intermediate Mandarin speaker who likes to play bass, guitar and piano.
James Howden
A Canadian with a background in psychology, education and sports that led to a career in teaching and coaching. He’s now teaching oral and written English (at DUFE, Dongcai). James has also written professionally, including writing speeches for the Governor General of Canada. James and family (now in Dalian for 3 years) came to China to grow as global citizens, to experience the emergence of China from the inside, to raise a trilingual child and help share the Baha’i teachings.
Jimmy, Xu Lu
Is a Dalianese student currently studying in Australia where he is the chairman of the International Student Association at WASM, C team Capitan of Wombats Mining Game and secretary of the social club at WASM. He’s doing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Mining Engineering, Jimmy loves to travel and his home Dalian.

Karin Shahar Lifshitz
An Israeli Fashion designer, who has lived and worked in Tel Aviv and Paris. Now working for an international fashion vendor. Karin has a background in styling and graphic design and came to China to experience China’s unique style, culture and how fashion works on the ‘other side’ of fashion, where manufacturing and production happens. After nearly a year she feels every day is still an adventure.
Kris Van de Velde
A Belgium from Gent, he’s Director of Sport at Nordic Ways International, Kris has a background in translation (Dutch, English and Italian). He’s worked as a sports reporter and editor at a Belgian national daily newspaper and as a Research Analyst for The European Central Bank Frankfurt (where he lived). He’s studied Mandarin and travels a lot in China. He likes China for its pleasant and uncomplicated way of life.
Linda Synnott
Environmental attorney from the US who teaches business courses for the School of International Business at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics; has lived in Dalian since 2006, She’s played trombone with the Dalian Orchestra. She is fascinated by cross-cultural humor and poignancy that can arise when people from different backgrounds share stereotypes, stories and feelings.
Monica Xu
Is a Dalianese art teacher and designer working at Dalian Medical University, she’s a practicing Chinese Calligrapher who finds inspiration for her art in the love for her home city Dalian.