Dying Hair Blonde in Dalian?



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Still there?

Is the shop open still? I am from Dandong looking for the nearest place to get my hair colored blonde :)

Rachel 204 days ago

Re: Still there?

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for checking out our website article and leaving a comment!

After previewing this article I noticed that it was published over 4 years ago. I'm sorry to say that I don't know if this hair salon is still open or not, nor do I know their phone number, but I did see that their address is located on the 4th floor of Parkland Mall (百年城) in Qingniwa Qiao. I do know there are several upscale salons in that mall and the surrounding shopping centers, and I imagine that most, if not all, of them can do hair coloring. I'd suggest that you do a little window shopping first for the best price and service. Good luck!

-- FoD Webmaster

Focus on Dalian Online 203 days ago

Dying your hair blond, where?

Tony@Guy is located on the 4th floor of Parkland Mall. This is where Yanjun works.

Katya Lensky more than 4 years ago


Great article! But where we can find Yan Jun and CK??

nad more than 4 years ago

Focus on Issuu 电子杂志