by Pam Peters

November 27, 2011

A Diner in Dalian! Pam Peters

Diners have been a part of North American culture for more than a hundred years. The first ever diner was a horse-drawn wagon which primarily served hot food to night workers and men’s clubs clientele, in 1872. Since then Diners haven’t changed much, still offering warm meals and welcoming smiles.

Burger Time

Parkland Mall , Dalian, Liaoning

    Much of the attraction of diners is due to their casual atmosphere and food like hamburgers, fries, club sandwiches and milk shakes or malts. However, diners aren’t just for eating.  People visit diners for familiarity: familiar faces, comfort foods, to socialize: catch up on gossip, do business deals, fall in love; and waitresses who know their regulars’ usual order.

     Burger Time, located in the Parkland mall, next to the Swish Hotel, on the 3rd floor offers proper diner fare at very reasonable prices.  A variety of burgers: salsa burgers, avocado burgers, mushroom burgers and of course bacon cheese burgers, served with plenty of fries and a salad, with your choice of salad dressing; are available for only 30 rmb and is enough food to sate any appetite.  The menu offers up other popular Western foods as well, such as, sandwiches, salads, pastas and coffee.

    The American Diner Museum hopes to bring national and international recognition to diner culture and hopes everyone will help preserve diners by keeping them in business. Now, we can do our part, right here in Dalian!

    The friendly, helpful, English speaking staff, make any time the right time for Burger Time!

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    by Pam Peters

    November 27, 2011

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    • What is the address?

      Dear Pam

      Can you give the location and name in pinyin, Hanzi and English? That would be quite helpful! Thanks!


      Posted by Guofan September 26, 2012 05:59:15

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