August 15, 2011

Two-day get-away

Two-day get-away to Hangzhou, China's most famous tourists location.

Day One

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We will start our day tour from West Lake Cruise. You will have the best view of the lake surrounded by the picturesque hills.

Get off the boat and visit the "Viewing Fish at flower Pond", which is one of the "Top Ten Views of West Lake".

A free trip at the Su Causeway to the middle of the lake will be followed to give you more time on the lake.

After a typical Hangzhou Cuisine Lunch, we will go to explore the culture of the tea in Hangzhou's Dragon Well Tea Plantation. Tiger Spring, which makes the best water for the local dragon well green tea is be also a must place to visit

After dinner, from 6pm-10:30pm, go out to explore the exiting night life!

Day Two

The Grand Canal in Hangzhou is famous in the world for being the longest man made canal. It had been built almost 2000 years ago and since then played an important role in the Chinese Primary Economy. Today, it mainly serves as a water diversion passage. The canal was built in various sections over many years and the conglomeration of these separated sections took place during the Sui Dynasty under the order of emperor Yangdi. Thousands of laborers were appointed for the work and many of them died out of the tremendously hard labor. The entire project consumed an enormous amount of wealth and resulted in the final demise of the Sui Dynasty.

Now this man-made historical attraction is becoming even grander with a canal-side park. 400 year old Gong Cheng Bridge, a Venetian style stone bridge the Emperor named after himself, is now flanked by two newly-built ornate wooden towers. Between them is a new park landscaped with miniature stone bridges spanning a mini canal. It gets very crowded during Spring Festival every year. Go across the Gong Cheng Bridge and you'll see a riverside way of life unchanged for centuries. From there it's a fascinating return journey to Wuling Meng.

Across from the Wuling Meng Square dock rises a massive modern building, The West Lake Centre. Along the canal banks tranquil willow-filled parks facing historic buildings, wealthy apartment districts, locals airing bedding on iron fences, old men fishing, tiny homes that look ready to jump into the water, a Chinese wind in the willows a world far from traffic noise and city crowds.

Take a trip up the Canal and you feel you've came back to one thousand year into the past!

D2 today for you is free before your departure. If you would like to take this tour, please contact Cynthia at CTS via email or phone: 159-4246-1071  

August 15, 2011

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